Our carpet shop in Beaconsfield offers a wide range from woollen carpets to striped carpets, manmade carpets to natural plant-based carpets. Even custom made carpet which is available in any colour and any width up to 12m wide. We stock carpet samples from leading manufacturers like Brintons, Victoria, Penthouse, Cormar and Westex.  In doing so we proudly support our British carpet manufactures.

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Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is ideal for bathroom flooring and kitchen flooring. We have a stunning range of vinyl floors, including many different designs mimicking natural stone, wood and even metallics. Though looking authentically natural, these vinyl floors are not only warmer, but also offer the benefit of easy maintenance.

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Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is also made to look like natural flooring, enabling us to offer a wide range of wooden and tile finishes. It is ideal for high traffic areas, especially for hallway and living room flooring. Laminate flooring is relatively dent resistant, making it a durable option with very low maintenance.

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Wood flooring

Wood flooring is always a popular choice; and as such our shop in Beaconsfield has a selection of engineered wood flooring to view, ranging from the ever popular oak to the more exotic woods. 

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